"Training with Alanna is a joy. She offers an accessible way into a perspective of movement that has the potential to be intimidating. The environment she creates is one of curiousity, openness, exploration, and rigour. It's more “let's do satisfying work and explore this together” than “let's get it perfect and right and repeat.” A great teacher and environment, in which to find and challenge those "growing edges" in your movement practice !"

Jody Hegel

Yoga Instructor, Contemporary Dancer


"Hey Alanna! I wanted to take the time to tell you how this week was wonderful. Ça faisait un moment que je m'étais entrainée avec autant d'intensité et avec autant de plaisir. Quel dynamique de travail ludique et intelligent! Ça avait piqué ma curiosité, et la, vraiment, je peux affirmer avoir la piqure....! Etttt ton énergie / présence y est pour beaucoup. Merci infiniment!"

Sophie Levasseur
Contemporary Dancer

“You are a force. 

Your enthusiasm and skill and curiosity alone was worth the trip up from SF. I had a performance less than 24 hours after I got back home (a surprisingly draining 3.5 minute solo) and my fire was totally stoked playing around with the ideas you had shared. Also, as a teacher, I feel like I left the week in Vancouver with some great tools to get people moving. 

Please let me know if you ever come to teach / train / dance in California. Would be such a pleasure to get in the studio with you again."

Katie Florez
Contemporary Dancer, Teacher
San Francisco